Getting around

Terceira has excellent access to mainland Portugal, and the international airport has arrivals from Europe and North America. The nearest international airport, Aeroporto das Lajes, is in Praia do Vitoria, on the northeast corner of the island.

Car rentals are recommended for exploring the island as local transportation is more geared to the local population. Many options are available right at the airport.

The Via Rapido, or regional roadway, connects the towns of Praia and Angra. Casa Azevedo is conveniently located 23 kms from the airport and just off the roadway 5 minutes outside of Angra.

The property is located on the southern side of the island. nº42, Estrada da Atalaia (Estrada Regional 1-1) 42, 9700-416 Angra Do Heroísmo. It is situated along the coastal highway 1-1A circles Terceira and is a fabulous way to explore the island and visit many points of interest along the way. The views are spectacular, and no visit to Terceira should miss this road trip.

Ocean ferries arrive and depart from the marine terminal in Praia do Vitoria, and provide access to Sao Miguel, the largest island in the Azores, and the other islands in the chain. If you have the time, it’s certainly a great way to see the vastness of the ocean and view the islands from offshore.