Around the island of Terceira

Leisure Activities

  • Museum of Angra do Heroismo, Ladeira de São Francisco, Angra do Heroismo
  • Forte de São Sebastião / Fort of São Sebastião/ c.1555
    Monte Brasil - Natural Reserve - Extinct volcano - look out point
    Marina d'Angra - Porto das Pipas
  • Public Garden - The Duque da Terceira Garden - R. Direita 130
  • - a manicured , terraced garden - not to be missed!
  • Antiquing - shops in Angra & Praia do Vitoria
  • Scenic drives around island - Serreta West side of the island
  • Winery Tours - The Museu do Vinho dos Biscoitos  - Biscoitos Wine museum
    - Canada do Caldeiro 3, 9760-054 Biscoitos - North side of the island
    - Grape varietals in Terceira - Verdelho, muscat, mourisco, acaria, terrantez, pico arinto or purple verdelho
  • Artisanal Cheese Factory Tours
    - Queijo Vaquinha - Cinco Ribeiras - south west side of the island
  • ’Prainha' sand beach (near Port do Pipas) in Angra do Heroismo is a 5 min drive
  • Large sandy beach - in Praia do Vitoria - North east side of the island
  • Teatro Angrense theatre
  • Whale Watching - tour booking available in Angra do Heroismo and Praia do Vitoria
  • Biking - bike rentals - TotalBike - 098, Av. Infante Dom Henrique 34A, Angra do Heroísmo
  • Bike tours 
  • Hiking 
  • Bird Watching


  • Churches and Convents In Angra
    • Churches
      -Sé Catedral c.1496 - Rua de Sé - Angra do Heroismo
      - Igreja da Misericordia - Pátio da Alfândega - - Angra do Heroismo
  • Walking Tours through Angra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site 15th century
  • Ancient volcano
    - Algar do Carvao and Gruta do Natal - the only extinct volcanoes in the world that you can visit the inside of!
    - center of the island - Estrada Algar Do Carvao| Center of Island, Porto Judeu, Terceira, Portugal
  • Nature Preserves - throughout the island

Adventure and Sports

  • Snorkling and Scuba diving - visit the reefs offshore
  • Swimming, natural pools, outdoor pools and pier diving
    - South side: Silveira and Praihinha - near Angra do Heroismo; 
    - South, south-west side: Negrite, Cinco Ribeiras;
    - South east and east side: Praia do Vitoria sand beach, Porto Martins, Feteira; 
    - North side: Biscoitos, Quatro Ribeiras
  • Windsurfing, sea kayaking, SUP boards, sailing - Praia do Vitoria

A seven min drive from Casa Azevedo takes you to the popular swimming area called Silveira where swimming, diving off the pier, snorkling, and scuba diving take place.

  • Sailing
  • Deepsea Fishing
  • Whale Watching

You can hire boats from the Marina in Angra to get you out on the open ocean, a great way to spend a day.

There is an internationally renowned 18 hole golf course on Terceira, between Angra and Praia, just off the via Rapido.


Geo Tourism

Being an active volcanic island, there is plenty to satisfy the 90 metre-deep volcanic chimney formed approximately 3,200 years ago after the magma drained from the main chimney receding to the magma chamber.

  • Extinct volcanoes
  • Explore Algar do Carvão - 1 of 4 volcano caves and lava tubes on the island
  • Lagoa do Negro - lake and picnic area

Points of Interest

  • US Air base in Lajes, near Angra do Heroismo

Local business amenities

Angra has all you need to enjoy the city and our home.

  • ATM bank
  • Pharmacies
  • Grocery stores
  • Hospitals
  • Medical Services
  • Laundromat
  • Massage therapist

Other Attractions & Activities

  • Actual location is 5 min to Angra past San Bento in Atalaia, on Estr.Regional 1-1A (see accurate map in photo section)
  • Praca do Torres - Bull fighting arena in Angra
  • Large, formal terraced botanical garden in Angra
  • 24 hr bakery in Angra
  • Biscoitos wine museum
  • Cinqo Ribeiras artisanal cheese factory
  • Large beach in Praia do Vitoria
  • Algar do Carvão - 1 of 4 volcano caves
  • Lagoa do Negro - lake and picnic area
  • American air force base in Praia do Vitoria


Churrex - BBQ chicken - take out - - Sao Bento - Carreirinha n.º 44A - 9700-082 - Angra

Tascas dos Tias - R. de Sāo Joāo, 117 9700 - Angra 

A Canadinha - Avenida Infante Dom Henrique - Angra

Beira Mar  - seafood - view of port - Sao Mateus

Q.B. Food Court - Caminho do Meio de São Carlos, 50 9700-222 Angra

Mercado  - wood fired pizza and Italian food - Rua dos Canos Verdes 129 - Angra

Quinta dos Açores - Pico Redondo, 149 - restaurant and Ice Cream Shop - near Angra

O Pescador - seafood - Rua Conselheiro Constantino Jose Cardoso11, Praia do Vitoria

Boca Negra - Largo de Santo Antonio, Porto Judeu

Restaurante Caneta - Rua As Presas 12-15, Altares, Angra

Ginsu  - Sushi - Praia do Vitoria -

Lajes - nearest airport 23 kms

Angra: Prainha - ‘little beach’
Nearest Ferry - Praia do Vitoria
Nearest Motorway - Casa Azevedo is just off of regional roadway
Nearest golf - between Angra & Praia just off of the via Rapido

Ocean view - The property back yard and all levels of south facing windows all floors have beautiful ocean view.
Water view - The property has full south facing view of the Atlantic Ocean.
Nearest Beach - ’Prainha' sand beach (near Port do Pipas) in Angra do Heroismo is 5 min drive; a 7 min drive is a popular swimming area called Silveira where swimming, diving off the pier and scuba diving take place